Face The Crowds This Festival Season


Ladies, we are slap-bang in the middle of festival season, and you, like us, have probably heard enough of people telling you what to wear and how you should look. So, today, AngelEye have got you covered with a simple beauty look that's still good enough to glamp in. Thank us later!
We don't know about you but we definitely don't want to be lugging a great big makeup bag around with us, especially with our best products (disaster waiting to happen!). We've created this look only using the basics and what we would class as essentials - we want to make things easy for you as us girls have to stick together!
1) Base:
We recommend a BB cream or tinted moisturiser, so you are not wearing anything too heavy as it may get slightly sweaty in and amongst the crowds. BB cream can be built up for heavier coverage, whilst tinted moisturiser is very light, so go with whatever suits you best. Most tinted moisturisers nowadays have SPF in them, so you don't have to worry about burning your face - just remember to lather up everywhere else!
2) Brows:
We can't go anywhere without our brows on; a simple groom with a bit of brow gel ensures your brows will be fabulously on fleek.
3) Eyes:
A big no-no to bringing an eyeshadow palette. They are bulky and unnecessary as you can create a glam eye look with your basic liquid/pencil eyeliner. A classic cat-eye will do, but if you are like us at AE wheres it's likely you'll end up with wonky eyes, then smudge a dark brown or black pencil around your lash line to accentuate them. Add a touch of mascara, and you'll be good to go.
4) Cheeks:
Contouring is everywhere right now, so a light stroke of bronzer under your cheekbones will make them more prominent. Add a pop of colour with a coral blush - it would be handy to have a small palette that has both of these in to save on space.
5) Lips:
Last but certainly not least, lips. You can have a bit of fun here to stand out from the crowd, so dig out your most daring lip colour and flaunt it. We would go for a classic red, or a deep berry to add a pop of colour to any look.
There you have it girls, an easy but glam makeup look with ONLY seven products. Give it a try and show us on Instagram using the hashtag #MyAngelEye for a chance to be featured on our channel!
AE x

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